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Ocean 32 The Dentofacial Hub is one of the leading and foremost choices for your dazzling smile. We provide the Best Dental Treatment in Surat. There are certain characteristics about each of us that will always be recognizable. One of the crucial aspects of our elegant personality is completed with the beautiful shine of our smile. Many of you still feel conscious about your laughter and facial expressions. We strive to make the complete solution for all dental issues. Most importantly, we offer customer-centric services that help us to bring result-oriented outcomes. We aim to serve our best and topmost facilities for dental treatment. Now, get ready to spark your dazzling smile with our services. 

Dental Treatment Packages in Gujarat 

When it comes to trustworthy general dentistry, we are among the most esteemed names in the industry. Our team of the most passionate and well-experienced people persistently work to offer result-oriented outcomes to your engaging clients. Moreover, we provide the most affordable Dental Treatment Packages in Gujarat. With significant years of experience, we have witnessed momentous growth to achieve the desired results for our clients. Most importantly, we have cutting-edge equipment at our disposal to facilitate your every need, make your life easier, and enhance your aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, we have constructed an accountable mechanism for our clients to easily and conveniently acquire our services. Now, you can kick start your unmatched journey with our reliable services.

FAQs General Dentistry

What is general dentistry?

The field of general dentistry includes a variety of preventative and restorative procedures and treatments. There are methods available to maintain a pain-free and healthy mouth, gums, and teeth. The primary focus of both general dentists and primary care physicians is on disease prevention and early detection.

General dentistry includes treatment such as dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, treating gum disease, treating children's dental issues, maxillofacial dentistry, orthodontics, dental radiography, crowns, bridges, and more. Most importantly, we are capable of providing our services within the most affordable price range.

Ocean 32 is regarded as one of the most reputable general dentistry service providers in the dental industry. We have a team of highly skilled dental experts that are extremely passionate about their work. These experts work diligently to provide exceptional solutions to clients at economical prices.

Our smile is one of the most appealing aspects of our personalities and plays a significant role in determining our overall appearance. The advantage of general dentistry services is to ensure that our pearly whites will continue to function in a way that is both long-lasting and healthy. We offer effective dental treatments so that you are able to show off that gorgeous smile wherever you go.

The top-notch general dentistry treatments provided by our dental clinic are offered at cost-efficient prices. You can contact Ocean 32 The Dentofacial Hub and get the solution to all your dental problems without worrying about the pricing.

Meet Our Expert

Dr. Kenil Lathia

Dr. Kenil Lathia

Chief Micro-Endodontist & Aesthetic Dentist


The name of Ocean 32 The Dentofacial Hub is being coined by the most proficient and magnificent personality known as Dr. Kenil Lathia. He laid the foundation stone of this clinic in the year 2016. He is a professional and passionate dentist who is dedicated to serving the best and most affordable dentistry services in Surat. He has been passionately and diligently working in this domain since 2012 moreover, offers unmatched and fantastic services of dentistry where you can stop your search and avail of high-quality along with up-to-date and latest technology treatment. The glorifying dentistry journey of Dr. Lathia started in 2012 after the completion of graduation from the Noonan Dental College, despite this, retains one year of dental practice at a private institution. In addition, to upgrade their expertise over this profile, Dr. Lathia got admission to the most pioneering and renowned Dental School, Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune in 2013, and here, he opted masters in Endodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry.

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