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Fluoride Applications in Surat

Ocean 32 The Dentofacial Hub is one of the foremost and the trusted solution for the diagnosis of oral defection. We offer the best Fluoride Applications Treatment in Surat. With majestic years of successful journey, we aim to provide the most dedicated and reliable services for oral health. Moreover, even in kids under the age of six specialized applied fluoride varnish does not seem to be a risk factor for dental fluorosis. For those who are at high risk for dental caries, the small doses of dental fluoride used and the varnish's adhesion to the teeth are quite beneficial. Therefore, it is important to periodically exercise sufficient caution to prevent cases of dental fluorosis in the near or distant future. For more information, book an appointment with us.

Fluoride Applications Clinic in Gujarat

We are one of the foremost and the most proficient choice for the correction of oral problems. We assure you the best and the latest facilities for good dental health along with patient education is also equally important so that they can easily get a lasting and stainless bright smile. We are the most affordable Fluoride Applications Clinic in Gujarat. The procedure of the fluoride application treatment is highly-recommendable and reliable for the best outcome to prevent tooth decay or even effective correction of tooth shaping. Now, it’s time to make your decision so that you get strong and impactful dazzling teeth.

FAQs Fluoride Applications

What is fluoride and how does fluoride application work?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in soil, water, and many foods. Fluoride applications can help to strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay. Fluoride can be applied to the teeth in a variety of ways, including through toothpaste, mouthwash, and professionally applied gels and varnishes.

Fluoride is generally considered safe when used in the appropriate amounts. Fluoride is present in many commonly consumed foods and beverages, and it is also added to most toothpaste and many mouthwashes.

Fluoride products are generally recommended for children and adults who are at increased risk of tooth decay. This includes people with a history of cavities, those who have dry mouth or other conditions that decrease saliva production, and those who do not have access to fluoridated water. Fluoride products may also be recommended for people with braces or other dental appliances, as these can trap food and bacteria and increase the risk of cavities.

The frequency of fluoride application will depend on the specific product being used and the needs of the individual patient. Some fluoride products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, are intended for daily use, while others, such as professionally applied gels and varnishes, may be applied less frequently.

In most cases, fluoride applications do not cause significant side effects. However, some people may experience mild irritation of the mouth or throat when using fluoride products. If you experience any side effects after using a fluoride product, you should contact the dentist or healthcare provider.

Meet Our Expert

Dr. Kenil Lathia

Dr. Kenil Lathia

Chief Micro-Endodontist & Aesthetic Dentist


The name of Ocean 32 The Dentofacial Hub is being coined by the most proficient and magnificent personality known as Dr. Kenil Lathia. He laid the foundation stone of this clinic in the year 2016. He is a professional and passionate dentist who is dedicated to serving the best and most affordable dentistry services in Surat. He has been passionately and diligently working in this domain since 2012 moreover, offers unmatched and fantastic services of dentistry where you can stop your search and avail of high-quality along with up-to-date and latest technology treatment. The glorifying dentistry journey of Dr. Lathia started in 2012 after the completion of graduation from the Noonan Dental College, despite this, retains one year of dental practice at a private institution. In addition, to upgrade their expertise over this profile, Dr. Lathia got admission to the most pioneering and renowned Dental School, Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune in 2013, and here, he opted masters in Endodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry.

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