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Dr. Kenil Lathia

Dr. Kenil Lathia

Dr. Kenil Lathia

Chief Micro-Endodontist & Aesthetic Dentist

The name of Best Dental Clinic in Surat The Dentofacial Hub is being coined by the most proficient and magnificent personality known as Dr. Kenil Lathia. He laid the foundation stone of this clinic in the year 2016. He is a professional and passionate dentist who is dedicated to serving the best and most affordable dentistry services in Surat. He has been passionately and diligently working in this domain since 2012 moreover, offers unmatched and fantastic services of dentistry where you can stop your search and avail of high-quality along with up-to-date and latest technology treatment.

The glorifying dentistry journey of Dr. Lathia started in 2012 after the completion of graduation from the Noonan Dental College, despite this, retains one year of dental practice at a private institution. In addition, to upgrade their expertise over this profile, Dr. Lathia got admission to the most pioneering and renowned Dental School, Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune in 2013, and here, he opted masters in Endodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry. After this, I attained a comprehensive understanding of root canal treatment and extensively did adequate research on this treatment to ease the problem of patients and ensure good oral care for them.

Most importantly, after finishing the post-graduation, I have established the finest and most dignified clinic for oral care as the Chief Micro-Endodontist & Aesthetic Dentist. Moreover, the mission of the unprecedented dental services is to serve high-quality treatment for dental problems in all the major locations of Surat.

Most importantly, the area of our services includes root canal treatment, gum cure, cosmetic tooth-colored fillings, tooth crystal, ceramic inlays, full mouth rehabilitation, orthodontist treatment, braces or lingual braces, and most importantly, laser dentistry treatment. Moreover, till now, I have served dental care treatment to over 7000 patients. In addition to the 0.5% failure rate of 13000+ root canal surgeries, we aim to provide the latest and most modern treatment to our clients with the most satisfactory and desirable results.

Now, make a smart decision and get associated with our reliable and transparent dental services in a cost-effective solution.

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What Kind of Dental Services are Provided at Best Dental Clinic in Surat The dentofacial hub?

The Services are as follows: (i)Oral Diagnosis,(ii) Conservative dental Treatment,(iii) Endodontic Treatment, (iv)Aesthetic dental Treatment,(v) Non- surgical Facial Cosmetic Treatment

From Monday to Saturday you can visit us between 9:30 to 1:30 and 4:30 to 8:30. And for Sunday you need to book an appointment.

We have two high-end operatories, one is Dr Kenil Lathia who is Micro-Endodontist and the other one is Dr Kajal Lathia, who is BDS, Aesthetic Dental Surgeon

We are specialized in three treatments that are - a.Root canal treatment, b. Re-root canal Treatment and the third is Reconstruction of the badly carious tooth.

Yes, there are home remedies which might help you deal with cavities. They are Sugar-free gum, Vitamin D, Brush with fluoride toothpaste, Cut out sugary foods, Oil pulling, Licorice root
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